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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – A Diamond Celebration [DVD]


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For sixty years Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over Great Britain and the Commonwealth. To commemorate her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, this major new 90 minute documentary has been filmed in HD for international television broadcast.

Much of the Queen s film archive of her days as a young Princess, her coronation, and her early days as Queen have been scanned into High Definition for the first ever time by Pinewood Studios allowing Queen Elizabeth II The Diamond Celebration to be released on both Blu-ray and DVD with exclusive and previously unseen footage of the young Queen.

As one the two young Princesses, Elizabeth captured the hearts of the nation and although her reign has seen major social, political and cultural changes, she has remained a traditionalist. Whilst governments have come and gone, the Queen has remained, never losing her sense of duty.

Queen Elizabeth II – The Diamond Celebration tells the fascinating story of the Queen who has served her nation throughout good and bad: from the Second World War; her marriage to Prince Philip; the death of her father King George VI; her Coronation and sixty year reign, Queen Elizabeth II – The Diamond Celebration is the definitive story of how the young Princess became a regal Queen.

Featuring contributions from Robert Lacy (biographer of Queen Elizabeth), Nicholas Owen (royal correspondent), Gyles Brandreth (broadcaster and former Lord of the Queen’s Treasury), Tim Heald (biographer of Prince Philip), Hugo Vickers (royal historian), Camilla Tominey (royal editor for NBC), and Ingrid Seward (editor of Majesty Magazine), this revealing portrait not only recalls the momentous events of Queen Elizabeth’s reign but also discovers the essence of the young woman who, sixty years ago, put her duty to the nation before her personal desires. Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH).

DVD Region: Zero (will play worldwide)

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