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Platinum Jubilee Special Part 1 and Part 2


Platinum Jubilee Special Part 1 and Part 2
– Celebrating Her Majesty The Queen

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Platinum Jubilee Special Part 1 and Part 2


Queen Elizabeth II has been a British institution since 1952, mastering all crises, political or within her family, with dignity and resolve…

Queen Elizabeth II holds a number of remarkable records. She is the oldest reigning monarch and had the longest marriage in the British Royal Family. Even her coronation made television history: Never before had there been so many viewers, 300 million worldwide. She is also the longest-reigning British monarch to date.

Though recent times have proven tough for Her Majesty, with the loss of her lifelong companion Prince Philip, the Queen can be relied upon to face crises unflinchingly; as far as she is concerned, feelings do not belong in the public eye. She always has a warm smile, and a friendly wave at the ready for her subjects, and people enjoy a public celebration for her birthday every year at the beginning of June.

This year of course there will be not one, but two, additional days off for people in the UK to celebrate both the Queen’s birthday and platinum anniversary, with everything being produced on a grander scale.

On June 2, the celebrations begin with Trooping the Colour, a unique military parade that has been performed for centuries on the occasion of the birthday of a British Sovereign, regardless of the actual birthday date.

Jubilee Beacons will be lit throughout the United Kingdom, on the Channel Islands, on the Isle of Man, in the British Overseas Territories and in each of the 54 Commonwealth capitals.

We will of course be covering the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in full in Part 1 and Part 2 of our special 100-page collector’s editions of Royal Life, as we celebrate a true national treasure.

Long may she reign over us.

Platinum Jubilee Special Part 1 contains:

– The Girl Who Would Be Queen
– Settling In To Her New Role
– Moving With The Times
– The Queen’s Silver Jubilee
– A Highpoint In Royal Popularity
– Troubled Times
– The Queen’s Golden Jubilee
– The Queen’s Diamond And Sapphire Jubilees
– “Thank You Ma’am”
– 70 Years – Milestones

Platinum Jubilee Special Part 2 contains:

– Full coverage of all the main Platinum Jubilee events.

Both of our Platinum Jubilee Specials are also available to purchase separately:
Platinum Jubilee Special Part 1
Platinum Jubilee Special Part 2

– The Platinum Jubilee Special Part 2 will only be available from the 12th July 2022, both items will be dispatched at this time.


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