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Puzzle and Postcards By Mike Jupp


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Many people love jigsaw puzzles for the challenge of putting the pieces together, whilst others enjoy the resulting picture or scene; but those who get pleasure from both elements are in for a real treat with our Puzzle Plus Gift range which include not only a 200 piece puzzle, but six artist postcards too.

Britain’s premier cartoon illustrator, Mike Jupp, continues to delight jigsaw puzzle fans year after year and his ‘I Love’ range cannot fail to amuse both young and old.

I Love Summer, details Mike’s hilarious capacity to capture the comical and ridiculous side of everyday life. The chaotic commotion of British summer is shown in this jam packed puzzle, where all things summer-like have gathered, from baby-carrying seagulls to ominous thunderstorms – the glory of a Great British summer is portrayed in the most hilarious way possible.

The six chosen paintings by Mike Jupp can be found in Gibsons ‘I Love’ range, illustrating everyday scenes such as car boot sales, gardening and farm yards, but with an added comical twist.

Perfect gifts for adults for all occasions, our Puzzle Plus Gift range also make wonderful souvenirs and the lucky owner can decide either to keep the postcards for posterity or post them to loved ones to share their holiday adventures.

Like all of our puzzles, the Puzzle and Gift range is made from top quality 100% recycled card, making timeless gifts for all ages.

Box Contains

1 x 200 piece puzzle
6 x artist postcards

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