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Royal Babies – 1000 Piece Puzzle


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Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born on 2nd May 2015 and has brought us all some very welcome Springtime joy. There’s one little person who will be especially delighted. Princess Charlotte’s brother Prince George has spent the last 21 months mastering the basics of being a royal baby and is ready to pass on a few useful tips to his newly arrived sibling.

Also delighted will be Princess Charlotte’s great grandparents. Since they married in November 1947, our Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have been blessed with four children, eight grandchildren and so far, five great grandchildren.

Just in case there are any you cannot recognise, here is a list of who’s who:

Top row, left to right:
Prince George in playful mood, Princess Diana with Prince Harry, a young Prince Charles and his much amused sister Princess Anne.

Centre row, left to right:
The Queen and Prince Philip with a young Prince Charles and his playful sister Princess Anne, the Duchess of Cambridge holding Princess Charlotte, Prince George and his proud parents at his Christening on 23rd October 2013.

Bottom row, left to right:
Prince Charles and Princess Diana holding Prince William days after his birth, Her Majesty the Queen, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge (just after the birth of Prince George) and Princess Diana with Prince William.

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