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Battle Of The Somme Commemoration Pack [2 DVD, Book & Map Box Set]


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The stories of the men who lived, worked, fought and died in the bloodiest battle the world has ever witnessed…

Battle of the Somme [Book]
The Battle of the Somme bookazine gives an in-depth understanding into what happened during the Battle of Somme split into 6 concise chapters.

WWI Somme – Secret Tunnel Wars [DVD]
Under the trenches and fields of the Somme lies a complex and extensive network of tunnels. Here, beneath the wastes of No Mans Land, British and German miners risked a terrible death in trying to undermine the enemy, laying charges that would wreak death and destruction in the tunnels around them and in trenches above. It was the most barbaric conflict of the Great War, a secret but deadly game of blindfold cat-and-mouse where it was kill or be killed: there was no second place for the loser. The slightest sound could be overheard. Detection meant counter-mining, and an explosion from nowhere that could tear you apart, maim, bury you alive or poison you with gas. At least 45,000 British soldiers worked beneath the Somme battlefields. But who were they?
With unique access to both British and German workings that have been untouched and unexplored since 1918, we can explore these ghost tunnels, and reveal the lives and stories of the men who built, lived, worked and died in them.

– WWI The Great War [Bonus DVD]
– Trench Maps

DVD Region: Zero (will play worldwide)

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