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The Royal Wedding Guide Part 1 and Part 2


The Royal Wedding Guide Part 1 and Part 2
– The British Guide to the Royal Event of 2011

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The Royal Wedding Guide Part 1 and Part 2

The Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William to Catherine Middleton

Immerse yourself in the love story of Prince William and his bride-to-be, Catherine Middleton in the lead up to their special day.

The British Guide to the Royal Wedding is a comprehensive look at the events, people and places surrounding the Royal event of 2011.

From the early romance between Prince William and Catherine Middleton at university to the engagement announcement, the guide brings you the story behind the headlines.

Part 2 charts events on the big day as they unfold, capturing the most important aspects of the Royal event of 2011. Our photographers have captured the best pictures available of the happy couple, and the best dressed celebrities in attendance.

Naturally, the bride was the focus of the day, and our coverage reflects this. After so much speculation about just what Miss Middleton’s wedding dress would look like, we have compiled some of the best shots of the dress from the day.

Every detail, from the procession, the ceremony at Westminster Abbey and the all-important balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace has been generously covered in this very special Royal guide.

The Royal Wedding Guide – Part 1 contains special day including:

– William: A Prince Among Royals
– Kate: A Fairytale Princess
– A Royal Love Story
– The Royal Engagement
– The Royal Engagement Rings
– Royal Wedding Dresses
– Diana: Her Legacy
– The Wedding Route
– Westminster Abbey
– The Wedding Ceremony
– The People’s Prince and Princess

The Royal Wedding Guide – Part 2 contains special day including:

– The Arrival
– The Guests
– The Ceremony
– The Bride
– Your Carriage Awaits
– The Royal Balcony
– Official Pictures of the Married Couple
– The Reception
– The Nation Celebrates
– Commitments and Responsibilities

Both of our Royal Wedding Guide’s are also available to purchase separately:
– The Royal Wedding Guide – Part 1
– The Royal Wedding Guide – Part 2

Please note that while every attempt is made to keep our stock in pristine condition, these magazines are now over 8 years old and will have signs of wear and age.


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