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Variety Acts and Turns of the Late 1930s [DVD]


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Over three hours of glorious Variety artists and singers from the golden age of radio, music hall and theatre as seen performing their acts for the cinema newsreels of the day.
‘Variety Acts And Turns Of The Late 1930s’ features the full array of Variety entertainments; balancing acts, jugglers, dance and jazz bands, organists, strongmen, comedians, musicians, dancers – modern and ballet, roller-skaters and singers galore. Artistes include Robb Wilton, Robinson Cleaver, Cyril Fletcher, Arthur Askey, Sir Henry Wood, tenor Bernard Clifton, Joe Loss, George Formby, Norman Evans, Bob and Alf Pearson, Ronald Frankau, Gracie Fields and many, many more.
By the end of the 1930s, Pathé had refined its way of filming performers by mixing in evocative filmed locations such as London, Port Talbot, Smethwick, Chorley, Ireland, Scotland and even The Queen Mary.
Pathé also filmed a baker, carpenter and a taxi driver who all became professional singers, a railwayman who became an actor and miners who trained to become a team of high-wire walkers! So, Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and enjoy this time capsule celebration of a long lost classic era of British Variety!

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