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Know The British In 1974 [DVD]


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Know The British A fabulous “do they mean us?” style documentary film made in 1974 to educate American businessmen on the peculiar ways, customs, etiquette and traditions of the British during the age of “my word is my bond”.

The litany of “do’s and don’ts” is fascinating and gives a unique insight into the once regimented manners that guided interpersonal relationships in a Britain already long gone :
“Sit when he asks you, not before”
“Don’t be too friendly”
“Extroversion is considered embarrassing”
“People are very sensitive about their position and title”
“One should never tip less then 10 pence”
“The British always try to remain polite, but do not be deceived, underneath there is still something of the bulldog in most of them”
“We shall tell you who the Britons are, where they are and how to treat them socially and commercially”

This highly instructional guide to interacting with the British is liberally interspersed with an introduction to the wider infrastructure of the nation as it was in 1974. The legal, political, banking and transport systems are introduced. British traditions as varied as Gentlemen’s Clubs, Pubs and D.I.Y. are explained and there is an overview of British television and newspapers, what is considered suitable clothing and the variable weather.

DVD Region: Zero (will play worldwide)

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