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Churchill – The Man [DVD]


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A fascinating collection of four historic documentaries made by British Pathe between 1954 and 1965 celebrating the life and achievements of Sir Winston Churchill. “A man there was amongst us who was bold as mountains or tides, who spoke his mind not only for himself but for mankind…”

Churchill – The Man (1954, 28 minutes) – The classic British Pathe documentary covers Winston Churchill’s life from his early years at Harrow school through his political ascendency to his leadership of the battles and campaigns of the Second World War.

The Other Side Of Winston Churchill (1960, 48 minutes) – An insightful and evocative colour film documentary based on Winston Churchill’s book “Painting As A Pastime” and richly illustrated throughout with examples of his own artistic endeavours and archive newsreel of the major events and speeches given during his life. With contributions by Merle Oberon, Lady Rhoda Birley and Field Marshal Montgomery.

Ninety Glorious Years (1964, 4 minutes) – A celebratory newsreel feature on the occasion of Churchill’s 90th
birthday, this is a brief summation of his life story.

This Was A Man (1965, 10 minutes) – The official British Pathé obituary.

Churchill The Man
The Other Side Of Winston Churchill
Ninety Glorious Years
This Was A Man

DVD Region: Zero (will play worldwide)

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