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Windsor Castle: After The Fire [DVD]


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Windsor Castle: After The Fire [DVD]

Windsor Castle is a wonderful living example of the power and tradition of the Royal Family.

For nearly 1,000 years it has stood as a symbol of the monarchy’s strength, it is the largest working castle in the world and is still a cared for home of the Royal Family.

But on one fateful day all that was threatened.

On the morning of November 20th, 1992, fire broke out in the castle. It was a threat that nearly destroyed a building that centuries of warfare and change had not even dented.

The blaze raced through state apartments, the Royal Chapel, St George’s Hall, bedrooms and corridors, wiping out almost everything in its path.
This is the story of that fire, as told by those who witnessed it and by those for whom Windsor Castle is a home.

But it is also the amazing story of the astonishing effort that was made to restore the castle to its former glory and prove that there was life for Windsor Castle after the fire.

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