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London’s Palaces [DVD]


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This fascinating programme is part of the wonderful Royal Kingdom series, examining the relationship between the monarchy and the country. From local tales to events of state, the history, pageantry and the magnificent architecture.

Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster provide the backdrops and settings to some of the greatest state occasions and royal pageantry in our nation’s life. The pomp and circumstance of state funerals, Royal weddings and, of course, the coronation itself. Yet they are only two of an extraordinary number of Palaces in the capital. Whitehall Palace is almost forgotten, but the great banqueting hall provided the setting for the execution of the king who designed it. Then there is St James’ Palace, Kensington Palace and the most famous of them all, Buckingham Palace. There are also those palaces further flung but with great grandeur such as Hampton Court and the original seat of Kings in the capital, Kingston. This progranne embraces them all with a guided tour to the Royal Palaces of London.

Region: 0
Format: PAL
Duration: 60mins
Released: 2009

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