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WWI Commemoration Gift Tin [5 DVD Box Set]


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Yet, it was more than just a war between nations. It was a war between what was and what was to be. The old world was dying and the new world had yet to be born. People of all classes saw it as some great cleansing fire that would accelerate this battle and lead to a better world. But, when it was over, more than men had died in the mud of the battlefields. The naive dreams of progress, along with the innocence of the pre-world war, faith in God and hope in the future all died in the trenches of Europe.

A collection of documentaries commemorating the First World War. Known as the Great War, the years 1914-1918 symbolised the death of the old world and the birth of the new world. The perfect gift for any WWI and military enthusiast.

Running time approximately: 4 hours
Tin measures: 25 x 25 x 3cm
DVD Region: Zero (will play worldwide)

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