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The British Home Front First World War 1914-1918 [DVD]


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The enlisting and conscription of recruits and their preliminary military drills and training. Citizens protests against pacifists, Germans, high food prices, conscription and others demanding alcohol prohibition and enemy internment.

The changing role of women; women as land girls, grocers, navvies, gas workers, brewers, munition workers, postal workers, firefighters and locomotive engineers.

Emergency services; police, ambulance and fire brigade.

Attack from the air by Zeppelin bombers and from the sea by U-Boat. Rationing, salvage, War Bond and communal kitchen campaigns.

The wartime wounded; convalescent homes, shellshock victims, war neuroses, amputee / artificial limb training.

A look at the home front Railways. Royal tours around the homeland; including visits to London, Bath, Clydeside and Tyneside. The Victory Parades.

DVD Region: Zero (will play worldwide)

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