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Her Majesty: The Queen Mother 1900 – 2002 [DVD]


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Sir John Mills introduces a celebration of the life of one of the best-loved Royals, The Queen Mother.

Throughout her extraordinary life Her Majesty The Queen Mother had a remarkable ability to reach ordinary people. Her life was one of duty, serving the nation.

Although her great age and ill-health left her frail in the latter years, she tirelessly continued her public duties, determined not to disappoint her people.

From her birth, to the morale-boosting visits to bombed parts of Britain during World War Two and into peacetime, this DVD celebrates an amazing life.

Unashamedly extravagant and gloriously grand, she lived in a style she had grown up with, no matter how much the modern world changed. Yet it is not her profligacy we remember her for, but the patriotism and pride she would never surrender.

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