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Royal Life Magazine – Issue 13


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Hello and welcome to another great issue of Royal Life, and the big news this time is of course the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy. We’re sorry to hear that Catherine has again been laid low with morning sickness, but that appears to be passing now, as she is back on light royal duties.

The new royal baby is reportedly expected in April, and some news reports have suggested that it might actually be two royal babies. While this would be delightful news, royal protocol dictates that Buckingham Palace would have had to announce the fact, and their actual announcement definitely specified “a baby.”

As to what the new royal heir might be called, there has been plenty of speculation about that too. If it’s a girl then the favourite with the betting classes is, not surprisingly, Elizabeth, with Victoria and Alexandra distant second and third choices. If it’s another boy then other traditional names such as James, Phillip, Henry, Alexander and Charles head the favourites list.

Whatever the choice we are sure it will be a happy, healthy child with two such wonderful parents to look after it – and you can be sure that we will have some of the first baby pictures in Royal Life.

In the meantime, enjoy this great new issue, which is as usual a royal treat.

Issue includes:
– Royal News
– Looking Radiant and Well Recovered: Catherine Back in the Limelight
– The Duke of Cambridge Deputises: Prince William Visits Malta
– Heroes Rise to the Challenge: Prince Harry’s Warrior Games
– Meet the Royal Warrant Holders: Paxton & Whitfield
– Birthday Celebrations: Happy Royal Returns
– Royals in South America: Prince Charles and Camilla in Colombia
– Her Majesty’s Recent Engagements: Commemorations and Honours
– Celebrating a Glorious Tradition: A Royal Military Heritage

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