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Instead of the usual varied selection of royal news, we are dedicating this issue to looking back on our most beloved royal’s life, from when she was first born on April 21st, 1926, right through the dark years of World War 2 up to the present day.

As with any life there are highs and lows to report, the highs being her many achievements, a romance that has stood the test of time, the happy arrival of children and the way that Her Majesty has managed to keep the monarchy up to date and of relevance in an increasingly changing world. The lows? Well we all remember the Queen’s notorious “Annus Horriblis” and sad events like the death of her sister Princess Margaret, Princess Diana, the Queen Mother, and Louis Mountbatten, tragedies which tested the mettle of this most strong-willed of monarchs and from which she emerged in a dignified fashion with new respect from her public.

Most people alive today will never remember the UK having a previous monarch, and this special tribute issue will show you just how much she has done to keep Britain great.

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