Prince Harry to Visit StreetGames’ Fit and Fed Initiative




Friday 28th July, 2017

Prince Harry will visit a summer holiday activity session run by Newham Council’s leisure trust activeNewham on Friday 28th July in Central Park, East Ham. The session, which forms part of the Fit and Fed campaign, aims to provide children and young people from the borough with free access to activity sessions, with lunch included, throughout the summer holidays.

Launched in July 2017, Fit and Fed is a response to the pressing issues of holiday hunger, isolation, and inactivity that many children across the UK experience during the school holidays. Research has shown 60 per cent of families with an annual income of £25,000 cannot always afford food during the holidays, and families on less than £15,000 report a constant struggle. Fit and Fed, which brings together community organisations from the StreetGames, Ambition and Sported networks, will operate in 100 disadvantaged neighbourhoods across the country this summer, and in 2017 aims to engage 12,000 children and young people.

The sessions run by activeNewham, together with Fight for Peace, will see children and young people aged between five and 14 take part in a range of activities throughout the day, including football, tennis, rounders, cricket and other multi-sport activities. The lunches, which are delivered to the park each day, are being sourced by FareShare through a national partnership with StreetGames. Throughout the summer, activeNewham plans to deliver 41 sessions in Central Park, with an average of 60 children from the local community attending each day.

On the 28th July, Prince Harry will visit some of the activities taking place around the park, and will learn more about the project from the coaches delivering the sessions. His Royal Highness will then meet the Fit and Fed volunteers as they serve the lunches, prior to hearing more from the children and young people about their experiences of the initiative. Prince Harry will join the children, coaches and volunteers for a group photograph before departing.

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