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What Ever Happened to the Windsors? [DVD]


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What Ever Happened to the Windsors? On December 10 1936 King Edward VIII, King of England, gave it all up – ostensibly for the love of a woman. No man has ever sacrificed so much to enable himself to marry, but the Duke of Windsor gave up Crown and Country for Mrs Wallis Simpson.

Practically everyone knows the great love story of how the two met, became lovers and married. But what is less well known is what happened next, the enormous fall out his actions caused, the tremendous shock it was to the rest of the Royal Family and what it meant for the Queen Mother and her husband, George VI as he was forced to take on the mantle of King.

This absorbing programme follows the travels and the strange twists in a stylish and emotional glimpse into a life spent in exile. It is a living tragedy played out at the highest level.

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