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Hello and welcome to Royal Life, a brand new title following on from our popular series of magazines celebrating Royal Britain. What’s different about Royal Life? The clue is in the title. While Royal Britain celebrates every aspect of our rich cultural heritage, Royal Life will concentrate on superb picture-packed features on what our most popular Royals have been doing lately, from tours of the commonwealth to movie premieres, from charity events to
celebrating holidays. Whether you are a devout Royalist or just a fan of our celebrated monarchy, we are confident you will find that Royal Life is just the title for you. It fills a gap in the market at a time when the general public’s interest in the lives of our Royal family has never been greater.

Proof of this is the fact that a recent survey of baby names discovered the Diamond Jubilee year saw a 264 percent surge in parents naming their newborn, Elizabeth. Catherine is on track for a 188 percent increase in popularity and William was a staggering 654 percent more popular in 2012 than it was the previous year. Harry only increased by 3 percent but he has been among the most popular names for years anyway, although of course Prince Harry’s birth name is actually Henry!

Anyway, we will leave you to enjoy this highly collectable first issue of Royal Life, about which we would love to hear your comments. We’d also like your suggestions for future issues, because Royal Life wouldn’t be the same without you.

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