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The Legacy [DVD]


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The Royal Kingdom series looks at the unique relationship between the monarchy and the country, from local tales to events of state, the history, pageantry and the magnificent architecture.

In this programme, we look at the unique way in which the Royal family and its impact on our lives, is woven into the fabric of society. We visit Britain’s loyalist royalist, a royal super-fan, marvel at the splendours of Windsor and see inside the Palace that is probably closest to the monarch’s heart. We witness the links that the City, the Bank of England and the hard-nosed money-men of London have with Royalty. We go to the College of Heralds and then travel south west to Guildford and in particular, sleepy Esher, to see what impact the death of a princess – in her day as well loved as Princess Diana – had on the population of her time.

Region: 0
Format: PAL
Duration: 60mins
Released: 2014

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