Royal Garden Parties – Fruit Scone Recipe


Royal Garden Parties

At this time of year, Her Majesty The Queen and other Members of the Royal Family are usually out and about enjoying the sunshine and attending various engagements and Garden Parties.

Royal Garden Parties date back to the 1860’s when Queen Victoria used to hold afternoon ‘breakfasts’ in the palace
gardens. These used to take place twice a year in the summer months until the 1950’s when a third party was added to the calendar, initially to take the place of debutantes’ presentation parties.

These parties are now a way of recognising and rewarding people in public service or as a celebration
of something.

As today would have been the third Garden Party of the season, we’re sharing some fun facts about Royal Garden Parties and Buckingham Palace’s fruit scone recipe, direct from the Royal Pastry Chefs.

Garden Party Facts

• 27,000 cups of tea are served.
• 20,000 sandwiches are served.
• 20,000 slices of cake are served.
• Over 400 waiting staff are required for each party.
• Ladies are to wear afternoon dress with a hat or fascinator.
• Gentlemen are to wear lounge suits or morning dress. Uniform or national dress is permitted.
• Tea and other refreshments are served on long buffet tables.
• On duty at Buckingham Palace are the Yeoman of the Guard, Gentlemen at Arms and Gentlemen Ushers.
• On duty at Holyroodhouse are the Royal Company Archers and High Constables of the Palace.
• Over 8,000 guests are invited to the three main events. Guest have to be recommended by their society or organisation before standing a chance to be selected.
• The Lord Chamberlain’s Office sends out the invitations on behalf of the Queen and makes all the arrangements for the day.

Fruit Scone Recipe

The Royal Pastry Chefs are happy to share their recipe for fruit scones, which traditionally would be served at Buckingham Palace every summer.

– 500g Plain Flour
– 28g Baking Powder
– 94g Butter
– 86g Sugar
– 2 Whole Eggs
– 140ml Butter Milk
– 100g Sultanas (Cover in hot water and leave to soak for 30 minutes)

– Preheat oven to 180 C
– Mix the flour, baking powder, butter and sugar together in a bowl, until a crumb is formed
– In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and buttermilk together
– Add the liquid to the crumb mixture
– Continue to mix the dough, until it is smooth
– (Optional) Add the sultanas, and mix until evenly distributed
– Remove the dough from the bowl, flatten the dough and cover
– Leave to rest for approximately 30 minutes
– Roll out the dough to a thickness of 2.5 cm and cut to desired shape
– Rest the scones for another 20 minutes
– Gently egg was the top of the scones
– Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes until golden brown
– Cool before serving with jam and clotted cream


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