Duke of Cambridge to Speak at First United for Wildlife Joint Taskforce Meeting

The Duke of Cambridge with Naomi Doak from United for Wildlife, and Head of Conservation Programmes at the Royal Foundation, on his visit to Tanzania.


Royal Geographical Society, London

Tuesday 14th May, 2019

The Duke of Cambridge will attend a joint meeting of the United for Wildlife taskforces for the financial and transport sector, on Tuesday 14th May. The meeting will be the first time the two groups have come together and will explore what more the 120 members can do to work together to combat illegal wildlife trade.

United for Wildlife is a programme run by The Royal Foundation, working to combat the illegal trade in animal products around the world by bringing together conservation organisations, law enforcement, governments and global corporations.

The meeting will be chaired by Lord William Hague, and will include contributions from members of each taskforce to give examples of how they work and how law enforcement is able to take their information and use it in building a prosecution against traffickers.

His Royal Highness will attend the joint meeting and make a speech to close the session. He will also meet with representatives from member organisations.

Since the formation of the Taskforces, they have supported 52 law investigations, contributed to 10 trafficker arrests and assisted in over $500,000 USD of seizures.

The Transport Taskforce was formed in 2014 to engage the transport sector in identifying and developing relevant and targeted solutions to wildlife trafficking, including increasing awareness, reporting and enforcement. Then, in 2018, the financial sector was brought together to form the Financial Taskforce which is committed to sharing resources and intelligence in a bid to disrupt the illegal income generated by trafficking.

The United for Wildlife Joint Taskforce meeting will highlight the benefits of bringing the transport and finance industries together to fight illegal wildlife trade and will showcase some of the successes we have already seen through their approach.

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