His Majesty The King to Visit Crewe

King Charles III during a visit to Pickering in Yorkshire, after arriving by royal train, pulled by the Flying Scotsman. June 12, 2023.
King Charles III during a visit to Pickering in Yorkshire, after arriving by royal train, pulled by the Flying Scotsman. June 12, 2023.


UPDATE 22nd May 2024

“Following the Prime Minister’s statement this afternoon calling a general election, the Royal Family will – in accordance with normal procedure – postpone engagements that may appear to divert attention or distract from the election campaign.

“Their Majesties send their sincere apologies to any of those who may be affected as a result.”

Friday 24th May 2024

Engagement 1:

His Majesty The King will visit Bentley Headquarters, one of Crewe’s largest employers. The King will have the opportunity to learn about the company’s social and environmental sustainability strategies, before officially opening the Engineering Technical Centre.

On the factory floor of the carbon-neutral Bentley Headquarters, His Majesty will meet lifelong employees, learning how the company is investing in the local community and sustainability.

Founded in 1919 by Walter Own, Bentley marked its 100th year on 10th July 2019.

At the wood and leather workshops, the King will see how traditional crafts are used in the design and assembly of Bentley vehicles. Here His Majesty will also be introduced to Bentely’s sustainability initiatives. At the Crewe Headquarters, Bentley is home to one million bees and 75% of the factory’s electricity needs can be met with solar power alone.

Meeting apprentices and young people from Bentley’s Advancing Life Chances programme, His Majesty will hear about the positive impact it brings to the next generation of Bentley employees. The apprenticeship scheme is one of the longest-serving programmes in the world, dating back 40 years, and focuses on electrical engineering, digital software, and project management.

Greeted by staff, the King will then attend a community reception, including charities such as Omega, which is supported by the King Charles III Charitable Fund. Omega is a small charity based in the West Midlands, working to reduce loneliness and isolation for vulnerable elderly people.

His Majesty will have the opportunity to view one of Bentley’s hybrid model batteries and speak to staff working on Bentley’s sustainable ventures.

Before departure, the King will officially open the Engineering Technical Centre, which will house a workshop for vehicles of the future, materials development, and a software integration centre.

Engagement 2:

His Majesty The King will visit St Paul’s Community Centre, a charity which provides support for those struggling financially, by providing furniture, food, shoes and community activities.

Since its establishment in 1986, St Paul’s Centre has continued its mission to serve the people of Crewe. Upon arrival at St Paul’s the King will visit the centre’s shoe shop, the centre is a partner of Sal’s Shoes, an international organisation providing free footwear for school children. His Majesty will speak to staff and learn about the impact the purpose-built shoe shop offers to the local community.

Each year, St Paul’s provides furniture to more than 1,000 disadvantaged people. Those in need are referred to the centre by partner agencies such as social services and homelessness organisations. The King will see how offering free or low-cost furniture supports households on low incomes to have access to essential items.

At the centre’s bicycle refurbishment workshop, the King will meet some young people who are benefitting from this service. The workshop supports and builds the skills of its beneficiaries, including young offenders through repairing, overhauling and mending bicycles to be reused by the local community.

St Paul’s, annually, provides emergency food to over 1,400 households in need. His Majesty will speak to volunteers at the foodbank, which is currently experiencing increasing demand.

The King will hear about the outreach work of the centre and what St Paul’s is doing to help reduce food bank dependency.

Proceeding upstairs, The King will meet volunteers on the centre’s Futures programme, a day service provision which is offered to adults with learning disabilities. Those who take part in the Futures programme help sort the centre’s ‘bric-a-brac’ for trading and for sale on their eBay store.

Upon departure, the King will meet those who benefit from the community outreach services, those running St Paul’s hospital discharge service; and free school meal support service. His Majesty will also meet representatives from the Big Help Out, which was established to encourage people to try volunteering in their local communities.

Finally, His Majesty will unveil a plaque, marking the visit.

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