Kate and William: Natural Parents


There is little doubt that Kate and William will prove to be wonderful parents. They obviously love children as can be seen from their many encounters with them on their official tours and visits. It’s a long-mocked tradition that politicians like to kiss and hug babies in the hope of gaining votes, but the Royal couple obviously enjoy the company of children and are honest and affectionate with them. Whenever they are out and about, supporting their various charities or making public visits, they make easy work of bringing a smile to the little ones’ faces and always leave a lasting impression.

William and Harry’s mother Princess Diana was always determined to give them as normal a childhood as possible, and took the boys to local restaurants and theme parks. She was also regularly seen dropping them off at the school gates, and on one occasion was praised for making her children wait in a queue to see Father Christmas rather than jumping straight to the front as she could so easily have done. William also has a good parental role model in his father, Prince Charles, who had to bring both he and Harry up in extremely difficult cir- cumstances.

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