The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall Visit Falmouth

The Prince and Princess of Wales walk with Mayor Michelle Wu and Reverend Mariama White-Hammond during a visit to Boston Harbour, December 1, 2022.
The Prince and Princess of Wales walk with Mayor Michelle Wu and Reverend Mariama White-Hammond during a visit to Boston Harbour, December 1, 2022.


Thursday 9th February 2023

Their Royal Highnesses will make their first joint official visit to Cornwall since taking on the roles of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall when they visit Falmouth today. The Duke and Duchess will learn about Cornwall’s maritime heritage before visiting a local community centre which is going the extra mile to give opportunities to individuals while building a supportive and cohesive community.

Engagement 1:

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall will visit the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth where they will learn more about the rich maritime heritage of Cornwall and how the Museum is working to highlight the relevance of maritime issues to the present day.

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall is located in Discovery Quay and is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, having been established in 2003. It features fifteen galleries, a boat building workshop and interactive exhibits, making it a popular destination for families and tourists across Cornwall and beyond.

During their visit, the Duke and Duchess will first spend time in the museum’s workshop where they will meet local people working on the refurbishment of the Kiwi, a fourteen-foot sailing dinghy which was presented to Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh as a wedding present from the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Their Royal Highnesses will also hear from a group of young people who are taking part in the ‘Young and Talented Cornwall’ scheme which provides financial support to help young people from across Cornwall fulfill their potential, regardless of their financial means or background. In total, the fund has given out almost £350,000 to some 275 individuals in the past ten years – supporting future Olympic medal winners, international rugby players, and musicians now playing in major orchestras, among others.

Finally, the Duke and Duchess will watch pupils from a local school taking part in a model boat race before departing the museum.

Engagement 2:

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall will visit the Dracaena Centre to learn about the wide variety of support and services that the organisation provides to local people, with a mission of building a healthy, happy and mutually supportive society.

Located between Falmouth and Penryn, the centre serves both towns and the surrounding rural area. It has been in operation since 2008 and supports around 10,000 people a year. Through services including family and youth support, children’s activities, legal advice, sports and fitness and community food programmes, the centre aims to empower individuals, promote equal opportunity and build a stronger community. Progress is monitored using a range of indicators from improved physical and mental wellbeing, increased self-esteem, better development of relationships and the advancement of life skills.

During their visit, the Duke and Duchess will spend time in a session for local mothers and their young children, hearing from them about how the Dracaena Centre has supported them as parents and promoted their children’s development through play and creativity.

Their Royal Highnesses will then speak to representatives from St Petrocs, a local independent charity working with individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Cornwall. The organisation provides services including outreach, housing advice, emergency accommodation, counselling and training with the aim of supporting its clients to find a permanent route out of homelessness.

Finally, Their Royal Highnesses will visit the NHS Wellbeing Hub hosted in the centre and hear how they are providing community based mental health and wellbeing support across the local area.

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